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In The Next 7 Days You Could Setup & Launch An Organic Client Acquisition System That Fills Your Sales Calendar With 100+ Qualified Appointments Every Single Month Without Spending A Single Dollar On Paid Ads

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Enterprise Acquisition Overview

For B2B companies with high ticket offers (from solopreneur & midsize companies to large sales teams)

  • Inject an automated lead generation system and have 10-20+ highly targeted new leads roll into your inbox daily with the click of a few buttons

  • Turn those new leads into 15-25+ qualified sales appointments each and every week (per rep)

  • Install our proven, predictable, & scalable sales process

  • Have 70%+ of appointments show up and convert 25%+ of those appointments into happy high ticket clients

  • Scale to $80-$100k per month with our duplication methodology, an appointment setter, and our multi-channel system

  • Replace all the other complicated softwares needed to market, sell, host, & manage your business with our all-in-one APEX system

  • Build a large network and list of targeted business owners to remarket to (on autopilot)

  • Have an in-house client acquisition system that can book you 100+ qualified sales appointments per month

  • Without ever spending a penny on ads, manual prospecting, relying on referrals, or being omnipresent across 7 different social media channels

Case Studies

Dylan Warter

Dylan was able to bring on 2 clients in less than two weeks at a total of $60,000 + 15% Rev Share

Jamie Hawk

Jamie was able to scale to over $30,000 per month (cash collected) and en route for 100k per month within her first 90 days

Wulf Trigo

Wulf closed a 95 million dollar deal and has over 150 million in the pipeline

Christin and Amber

Christin and Amber were able to close 60K in just setup fees within 30 days

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I don't have much experience, will this work for me?

Absolutely! Everything we teach is a learnable skill just like anything else. There is a specific methodology to selling & operating with the systems we teach you. We hand you proven scripts, templates, etc that you can use to get you started, then refine over time to close clients consistently. This will turn the novice into a GREAT, and a veteran into a true master.

What percentage of your clients see results?

Virtually 100% of clients who execute the program and systems get results. The only way this WON'T work for you, is if you DON'T do the work. It's that simple.

Do you help me set everything up?

Yes - 100%! We truly believe and pride ourself on having the best support. You get true 1 on 1 support to get you started and help you set up everything step-by-step.

Is this a done for you service?

No this is not a DFY service. However, we’ve pre-built the systems and process so you just need to plug in and implement our action plan.

I've tried LinkedIn, what makes this different?

LinkedIn is just a marketing channel like any other. But the WAY in which we generate appointments and clients on LinkedIn is the differentiator. Our systems included automation to alleviate manual prospecting efforts and systems to bypass daily volume restrictions.

I already use LinkedIn and I am capped at how many people I can connect with each day. Does your program overcome this problem?

Yes. Our system has the ability to bypass all daily volume restrictions which is a core reason why we are able to scale with LinkedIn without paid advertising.

I need to get clients but I am incredibly busy in the day to day of my business. Will this still work?

If you can allocate some time to this each day and week, yes. If you can’t, then just like anything else the results will be unfavorable. However, if you have a team member to execute on this for you we can train them and ramp to run the system and book calls for you.

Does this require paid ads, or do you teach paid ads?

Our system is completely organic and can generate you $100k/mo+ without advertising, so we don’t teach paid ads at the moment.

Are there any outside costs aside from the program?

Yes there are two key softwares we use and they cost $179/mo total. We don’t profit from these softwares but they are required and well worth it.

How many hours per week are required to see results?

Well, how much time are YOU willing to invest to get results? Success is not a "part time" gig. The clients who go all in and dedicate themselves to scaling their business, get significantly better, faster results. That being said, we recommend a minimum of 2-4 hours per day for generating and taking sales appointments, and closing clients

How often will I be working with your team?

As often as you’d like. We have weekly calls, 1:1 calls, and a private community for unlimited daily and weekly support.

What types of businesses does this work for?

We’ve worked with over 15+ industries successfully including consulting, agencies, marketing companies, crypto, roofing, financial services, real estate, etc. As long as you service business owners and have a high ticket offer, this will work for you.

I have a team of sales reps. Does you company work with teams?

Yes! Whether you have 1 sales rep or 50…we can train & ramp your sales team to booking 15-25+ qualified appointments per week, per sales rep.

Do I have to cold call and cold email people all day?

No. Our main method of booking appointments is straight from LinkedIn, so no cold emailing or cold calling required. However, you will be building a massive list of targeted business owners on autopilot that you will have the ability to call & email if you so choose.

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