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We Help Agencies, Consultants, & B2B Businesses Scale to 100k Per Month Without Spending a Single Dollar on Ads.

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Cloud Nine Overview

  • For solopreneurs and companies with 1-5 employees

  • Install an appointment-generating machine that fills your calendar with qualified sales appointments every single day

  • Never rely on posting content, cold calling, paid ads, manual prospecting, or referrals again

  • Create a predictable path to revenue growth & a full sales calendar

  • Learn with a community of other 6, 7, & 8 figure entrepreneurs who are also injecting this exact same system inside their organizations

  • Get access to our entire team as you scale. So when you encounter bottlenecks in your process there is no guessing, just reach out

Case Studies

Vanessa Powell

Vanessa Says C9 Is The Easiest & Fastest Way She's Found To Grow & Market Her Business For Sales & Recruiting

Dylan Warter

Dylan was able to bring on 2 clients in less than two weeks at a total of $60,000 + 15% Rev Share

Jamie Hawk

Jamie was able to scale to over $30,000 per month (cash collected) and en route for 100k per month within her first 90 days


Closed a 95 million dollar deal and has over 150 million in the pipeline

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RESULTS: $15k+/Event



COMPANY: D1 Digital

RESULTS: $100k/Month



COMPANY: D1 Digital

RESULTS: $100k/Month




RESULTS: $50k+/Event

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As Seen On

Real Impact. Real Results.

Working with Braxton and Dylan has been nothing short of incredible! You can always count on them communicating with you and making sure you understand every step throughout the entire process. Apart from business, they are a really great group of guys and make the experience fun and personable. Highly recommend working with Digicast!

Austin H.

Super awesome experience, followed through with my plan and felt comfortable the entire time with the process. Enjoyed my shared time with this company. Nothing short of excellence. We are moving the needle every week!

Nick L.

Incredible team. Braxton and Dylan really care! They go above and beyond to make sure you’re taken care of with exactly what you need. Our calendars are full and we love it! Amazing customer service and communication. Highly recommend.

Casey T.

More Results

For this client, her campaign ran for just over a month (36 days). A total of 3,070 connection requests were accepted out of the 4,834 that were sent. For a very exceptional connect rate of 64%. The replies are currently sitting at 41%, meaning that she received 1280 inbound messages from her targeted ideal client.

Above is a local business campaign we ran for 40 days that resulted in a total of 854 new connections and 238 leads. That is a 27% response rate that was extremely targeted to the clients ideal customer avatar.

Above is a campaign we ran for a business coach. These results are from just after 4 days of launching the campaign resulting in 105 new targeted connections and 52 leads total. (49% response rate) Copy is key!

Above is another client after just 3 days of going live with our C9 Acquisition System. They already locked in 42 new & targeted leads within this short timeframe for their offer built specifically for new agency owners with less than 5 years of experience.

This client in a little over 6 weeks brought in nearly 350 leads to their pipeline. Getting directly in contact with the decision makers of their industry was a game-changer and rang in over 3x their normal monthly revenue.

Here is a local business that ran a campaign for their event company. 4,178 requests were sent out, and a total of 2,155 people accepted the requests. Resulting in a 52% connect rate! Of those who connected, 31% replied for a grand total of 676. All in just ONE month


Is this an Online Course, Done-For-You, or Done-with-You Program?

We decided to take the best of these options and make a "hybrid" experience. You'll get to access our in-depth training library for training on your own time, weekly live consulting sessions, and systems and assets already 'done-for-you' for you to plug right into right away to get results with minimal time, effort, and energy.

I've tried LinkedIn, what makes this different?

LinkedIn is only a channel - what makes LinkedIn (or any channel) work is simply the message, the offer, and the audience. We focus on the things OFF of LinkedIn - the foundational copywriting components - to dial in your niche (and sub-niche), your message, really understanding their pains, problems, fears and desires, and sharpening your offer and positioning your offer in a way that cuts through the noise and gets prospects to raise their hand, book into a qualified appointment, and sign up.

Do you teach Paid Advertising?

To get results with our C9 Program, you do not need paid advertising. We show you everything you need to do to scale to 7-figures without ads. But, once you build up your revenue organically & have proof of concept with your offer, the automated system is dialed in, we will teach you how paid ads can just help turn the dial up.

How many hours per week are required to see results?

Well, how much time are YOU willing to invest to get results? Success is not a "part time" gig. The clients who go all in and dedicate themselves to scaling their business, get significantly better, faster results. That being said, we recommend a minimum of 2-4 hours per day for generating and taking sales appointments, and closing clients.

I'm not sure if we can dedicate our financial resources to this at this time. Can I get started later?

Cash flow is the oxygen to your business. We understand how finances work in business, but if your business is not spitting out profits, then this is more of a reason as to why you need to find the funds, and get into this program. We will show you exactly how to get clients and generate revenue without spending money on ads - think about that...the cost to acquire a clients is virtually $0.00. Once you get into the program, you will be getting clients at a profit - this is the objective of business. There's no reason why you can't afford NOT to dedicate your financial resources to this. If you need to, leverage other peoples money and get in.

What will be the return on investment?

If you execute the system - most clients get a 100% ROI within the first 30 days, and many will report a 10-50X ROI increase in the first 6-12 months. If your offer is >$2000, then you will only need a handful of clients to get an ROI. Many of our clients are acquiring 5-50 clients per month, so you can do the math.

What else will I have to pay for besides the investment? What tools are needed?

To get started generating appointments and close clients with our C9 Program, you will also need to get 2 required softwares. The total monthly cost is about $170. We also recommend a CRM to keep track of all the new leads coming through your channels but this is not required.

How often will I be working with you?

You will be working with us as often as you'd like via our community where you get daily support (Monday-Friday), and on our weekly consulting calls.

I don't have much experience, will this work for me?

Absolutely! Everything we teach is a learnable skill just like anything else. There is a specific methodology to selling & operating with the systems we teach you. We hand you proven scripts, templates, etc that you can use to get you started, then refine over time to close clients consistently. This will turn the novice into a GREAT, and a veteran into a true master.

Do I have to cold call and cold email people all day?

No - we are going to train you on how to leverage automation and systems so you can get more done in less time. In the beginning, you will do some prospecting activities yourself so you can master it and train your future team (or current) members on how to do it successfully. It will usually take you a few weeks to get the hang of it, but once you do, we will show you how to bring someone in to execute for you, and then launch ads to generate warm, qualified inbound appointments.

Does this only work for businesses at $10k/mo and higher?

We've helped many clients start from scratch, as long as they have the drive & willingness to work hard investing in themselves. We coach you through the stages of building your business as quickly as possible without wasting time, energy, and money going in the wrong direction. If you don't have your first sales or clients yet, then we can help you get them, and also work with you to fulfill on the promises you made to your first clients so you can deliver results and collect your first few case studies.

How long do you provide support for?

We provide you ongoing support every week (Monday-Friday) in our community as well as a couple times a week on live trainings. Most programs of ours are 12 month access.

What if I'm not a coach, consultant, or agency owner?

Our specialty is working with those niches above who sell (or want to sell) high-ticket programs and services. However, if you feel like you're a good fit, you can apply using the calendar, and if our team approves your application and believes we can genuinely help you, we will extend an invitation to come work with us. (We have had 25+ niches outside of the 3 listed inject this into their model and have extreme success but this is always case by case.

What percentage of your clients see results?

Virtually 100% of clients who execute the program and systems get results. The only way this WON'T work for you, is if you DON'T do the work. It's that simple.

Do you help me set everything up?

Yes - 100%! We truly believe and pride ourself on having the best support. You get true 1 on 1 support to get you started and help you set up everything step-by-step.

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